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'The Crafty Witch,' Pendle.

Art, Crafts, and much, much, more.
 Why not check out my other pages whilst you are here? There is much more to discover when you step further into the site.
Or just give me a call  -  07983 765579

I am able to work to commissions for most of the items you will see on my pages.
All you need is an idea of what you need,  e.g, a box, a painting, wall plaque etc.
Then let me know colour, theme, any names you might want attaching. Lets talk about your requirements. I am sure there will be something I can create for you.
toothboxes incSteamPunk.JPG
20180622_155205 (2).jpg
colour pic.JPG

Dragonfly Colour Readings.

An entirely unique way of creating Intuitive readings, using special paints and carried out over the phone.

 You will receive the final artwork.

(More details on the Readings page)


These are a couple of animal portraits created recently. If you would like to commission a pet portrait, please give me a shout.

I am also an author, please check out my BOOKS page. My newest publication is called  'Times of my Life', and is a book of poetry written at different 'times of my life'.
This book is available now from Amazon, but, if you would like a signed copy, call me on 07983 765579 and I will sign one for you.

Times of my Life.jpg
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