Smudge feathers and fans have been used for centuries by indigenous peoples worldwide in a variety of ceremonies, to move the smoke from burning incense sticks/cones etc, They have become extremely popular across the world for the many ways they can be used in both spiritual and alternative religions. The smoke is used to cleanse the room or other place you are in, and also to purify the auras of the people involved in the ceremony. The fans are all handcrafted by me, using ethically sourced feathers from a variety of places. I clean and sterilise the feathers before turning them into fans. Those feathers which have not been dyed will of course all differ in their patterns.

The larger white ones are hand painted to give them the pattern found on American Eagle feathers (white with various sized black tips) Eagle feathers are considered sacred to the Native Americans, and were presented to the bravest and strongest warriors of the tribe. Once all of the feathers are clean and dry, I paint a selection of designs on them and add other feathers, beads, and other embellishments. With each Feather / Fan, you will also receive three incense cones and a small stand to place them on. 

(Please be sure never to leave lit candles, incense or any other smouldering items, alone.

Only  £9.50 each.

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Drawing on a long Native American tradition, Wishing feathers are said to grant the owner three wishes. By pulling out one feather you create the intention to make a wish. when the wish is made, keep that one feather in your purse. every time you see it, re-affirm your wish. Once your wish is granted, let that feather go back to Nature, it has done its job. You now have two more wishes left. Repeat.  

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PRICE - £5.50
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Witch Boxes contain an eclectic selection of items that are useful to anyone beginning their journey into alternative lifestyles. They are also very handy if you are traveling and would like to take an altar with you!

The contents are all packed individually in tissue paper to keep them safe on their journey to their new owner. They consist of - a tumbled Amethyst stone, a small clear Quartz point, and three small bottles of herbs (lavender, sage and rosemary) Also included are - a feather, a candle and a shell, with some incense cones and a little stand for them.

The boxes also come with a folded, aged parchment, giving some uses for the contents. An ideal little gift for the Witch, or wannabe Witch in your life!



Pretty little Angels / Fairies. Just small enough to fit in a pocket or bag, or to hang from a car windscreen mirror. These little darlings will keep you or your loved ones safe from harm. £2.50.