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CELEBRATIONS! Yes, Christmas, Yule, Easter, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Engagements, Births, Christenings, and probably many more I haven't even thought of! Take a look at what's on this page, then check out the rest of the site, as most of the things I create can have names added, or could be done in other colours to suit the occasion.


An Angel for the Angel in your life! 5 inches square, with a variety of Angels for you to choose from. These little boxes are made of card, and are £3.50 at the moment.

They have been very popular, these are all I have left right now.

My Lanterns can be made in a variety of materials, sizes and colours, with a variety of designs etc. Not just for Christmas, lanterns can help celebrate many other occasions too. Check out my page for ASSORTED CRAFTS, or my SHOP for prices. Thank you.

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