Why 'Dotty Dragonflies'? Well if you look closely, you will see they are composed of a great many small dots. It means I am able to get far more detail into things like the veining on their wings, and the hairs on some of the bodies. Every one is different. I create the background using the same paints which I use for doing my Dragonfly Readings. When the background is dry, I get to work on the dotty bit! That takes quite some time, as you can imagine. Once the dots are done, I will add a few small details with colour, and the final touch is to add some shimmer to the wings to give the look of that amazing iridescence. Unfortunately, the shimmer does not show up well on photographs, so I have added one or two

close-ups, in the hope you can see it more easily.

They are available in A4 and A5 sizes, and as each one is completely individual (both the background and the 'Dragon') you will need to be sure to use the correct number for the one you like, so I can send you the right one. Your picture will come lightly mounted in a card mount to stop it getting damaged in the post.

Or, if you wish, I could create one personally for you, with the colours of your choosing? A4 and A5 only at the moment. But I can use any colours you would prefer. The dragonflies cost £12.50.

Just give me a call or message me with your requirements.

Many thanks for looking. I hope to hear from you soon.


Dragonfly 1. This one is A 4 in size 


Dragonfly number 2. He is A5 in size.


1A. A closer view of the body of number 1, giving a better idea of the shimmer on the wings.


Dragonfly number 3. A5.


Dragonfly number 4.  Also A5 in size.


Dragonfly number 6. A5


Dragonfly 7. Also A5


Dragonfly number  8.  A5