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These are just some of my cross-stitch pictures. They do take a long time to create, however, they are for sale. The prices range from £20.  In these pictures they are unstretched, but I am happy to stretch them for a small extra charge. 


This picture is so large I can't get it all on the scanner! The canvas measures 18 inches by 15, and the stitched area is 13 inches by 11 inches. I can't fit all the flowers on here, but they stretch upwards to the level of the bird's beak, outwards at the beak side by about 4 inches, and down below the area shown by about another 1 to 2 inches. The tip of his wing is chopped off also, sorry, but it reaches another couple of inches above the area shown. The bird has metallic threads in the feathers for the glossy shine of the real thing.

Completed on cream 14 count Aida, this will make a stunning, large picture when mounted and framed suitably.

 Unstretched - £35.00. Stretched, £45.00.  


The size of this piece is approx 6 inches square (the piece of canvas is 14 count Aida, about 9 inches square). There are metallic threads scattered in among his feathers to give the sheen that the real birds have. He's not stretched yet, so please excuse a couple of small creases here, they will soon iron out.

The price for this is £20.00 as is, or £25.00 stretched.


This beautiful Sea Eagle is one of my favourites!

He is stitched on a circle of white 14 count Aida which measures 11 inches. The stitched area measures approximately 7 1/2 inches both ways. He has some metallic thread stitched into his eye, to add that realistic evil glint!!  Unstretched, £20.00.    Stretched £25.00.  

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