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I bet you didn't expect to see this? I create intuitive and completely unique readings for you by phone. You don't even need to leave the comfort of your armchair! 

These are not the normal, run of the mill card readings! These are my own exclusive creation, 'Dragonfly Colour Readings' (c). 

Having an Arts and Crafts background, I have always been fascinated by colours and the way they react together, and with water. For my readings, I use intensely pigmented, powdered minerals. No two pictures can ever be the same.


After we are finished, I will send you the piece of artwork which you have created, lightly mounted, so you can change that mount for one of your own (this just helps protect it from getting too battered in the post). I will include some paperwork telling you about the process. There will also be a small thank-you gift.

Some of the colours I use for my work have finely powdered Mica minerals added, which helps move the colour around the paper when water is added, leaving a beautiful shimmer on the surface. That isn't easy to show in photos, but you can just get a glimpse in these pictures. The bottom picture shows how it will arrive to you. 

Each reading will cost just £25.00.

Please go to my Contact page or call me on 07983 765579 to arrange an appointment.

These are a couple of readings I did recently. Can you find any pictures in them?

colour pic.JPG
colour pic2.JPG

If you would like to purchase a reading for someone else, I will send you a certificate to give to them, which is printed onto aged parchment paper, with a ribbon and real wax seal (created by me) and rolled like a scroll in a tube for protection. It's almost a gift in itself!

And this is the little guy that started it all! He landed on my garden trellis one day and I was lucky enough to be able to get really close, put my hand near him, and snap this! Isn't he gorgeous!

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