These are just a few of my many Art works. Most are in watercolour, sometimes, I use acrylic paints, and often, coloured pencils.

Some I did for my own enjoyment, such as the one of my old Border Collie, Kat. Others were created as commissions over the last couple of years. To see some more of my paintings, please see the page - 'WALL ART, PLAQUES AND PAINTINGS'. Thank you.

If you would be interested in talking about a commission, please call me, I'm happy to chat.

Prices for the paintings will, of course, vary depending on many factors. Please check out the SHOP page for the prices. Thank you.

My latest commission of a friend's little dog which passed away recently.  If you would like to commission me to create a portrait of your pet, just call me.
Jill on 07983 765579 

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Below are some of my smaller, mixed media pieces, mostly A5 or A6.

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Recently I have been working on a series of small (A4 and A5 landscapes). In Autumn 2019, I spent a magical month, alone in a caravan in a field, miles away from anything, way up in the wild top North of Scotland. I am completely in love with the area and had been on a couple of holidays there some years previously. This time, because I was going to be there for so long, I took hundreds of photos, with the intention of creating some Art when I returned home.

I even managed to work on one or two whilst I was there, which included three commissions for people I met whilst there, two of which I finished off after I got back. 

When I got home, I decided to create some works in acrylic, combined with watercolours and touches of gold leaf, in the hope they might convey a little feel of the magnificent scenery of the area and the way the mountains have been pushed around and fractured for millennia.

I have a limited run of my 'Fractured Landscapes'. All originals, there are just ten in the series. They cost just £12.50. Take a look, and if you are interested, give me a call, or place your order on the site. Many thanks for looking.

These works come to you loosely mounted in a plain white mount, this is both to protect them during transit and so that you can change it for a mount and frame to suit your own decor.

Fractured Landscape # 1  A4

Fractured Landscape  #6  A5


Fractured Landscape #9 A4

 Fractured Landscape #3  A4

Fractured Landscape #7 A4

Fractured Landscape # 2  
(This one is SOLD now, sorry. But I thought I would leave the picture here for a while as it is my favourite!)