Yes, as if I wasn't busy enough with all my Arts and Crafts,

I am also an Author.

I am extremely lucky to have two ‘proper’ publishers, one here and one in America. I write in very different genres for both and have different author names for each of them. I have been writing since my early teens and had completed two full-length novels (not very good and now residing in a box under the bed!) when something came to me one day and told me to write a Western. Yes, a real shoot’em up, all guns blazing (with a little bit of Romance) Cowboys and Indians adventure! I wrote one and sent it to the only publisher of Westerns I knew in the UK, Robert Hale, who accepted my book and published it under their imprint of Black Horse Westerns. ‘The Ghosts of Poynter’ came out in 2012 in hardback. It is now in most Libraries in the UK. The large print edition followed and went straight to Libraries. Two more Westerns, ‘Crazy Man Cade’ and ‘The Secret of the Silver Star’ followed that pattern. Then, unfortunately, the publisher closed down,  after many years in the business.

The book I was working on at that time was another Western, with more Romance. I found a publisher I liked the sound of in USA. With a few changes to suit the market (spelling, figures of speech, etc) 'Saint or Sinner’ was published by Prairie Rose Publications in 2014. I am still working with Prairie Rose and another of their imprints, Fire Star Press (which publishes Supernatural books.) I have a short novella, 'Hearts and Red Ribbons' which is a Valentine's Day Western Romance, in an anthology called 'Cowboy Kisses' along with some of their other authors, and a true animal story about one of my dogs in another of their anthologies called 'Pawprints on my Heart'. I also have a Supernatural stand-alone novella ‘The Guardian,’ a short, but shiver-inducing read! Two more full-length novels are also available, ‘Eyes like the Sea’, a Western Romance; and ‘The Gypsy’s Kiss’ which is something quite different for me, a Contemporary Romance, with a friendly ghost! You will see two versions of the same book here, this is because it was taken on by one publisher, which, unfortunately, for health reasons, had to close just after my book came out. However, they passed the title over to my present publisher, who republished it with a change of cover. So with that particular book, you get a choice of which cover you'd prefer me to autograph. There can't be very many books you can do that with.

At present, I am working on two more quite different books, a Medieval Romance, and one set in the 1920s, both without a cowboy or a ghost in sight! It might be quite a while before they are done, but watch this space!

 Most of my books (except the three in the Libraries) are still available on Amazon, however, I do have a few copies of them at home. If you would like a signed one with a personal message to a friend or loved one, (or just to you) get in touch through my Contact page or give me a call.

This is the list of all my books to date. 


'The Ghosts of Poynter' by Amos Carr. Pub. Robert Hale, London, June 2012.  Ulverscroft large print world-wide edition pub. Jan 2014

'Crazy Man Cade'   by Amos Carr. Pub. Robert Hale, London, October 2012.  Ulverscroft large print world-wide edition pub. July 2014.

'The Secret of the Silver Star' by Amos Carr. Pub - Robert Hale, London. August 2015. Ulverscroft large print world-wide edition pub. 2016

'Saint or Sinner?'  by Gil McDonald.  Pub. Prairie Rose Publications USA.  2014.

'Hearts and Red Ribbons' (in anthology 'Cowboy Kisses' and as a single sell e-book) by Gil McDonald. Pub - Prairie Rose Publications USA  2015.

'Eyes Like the Sea' by Gil McDonald. Pub Prairie Rose Publications USA. 2015

'Kat's Story,' in Anthology - 'Pawprints on my Heart,' (various authors) Pub Prairie Rose Publications, USA. 2016

'The Guardian,' by Gil McDonald. Pub. Prairie Rose Publications USA. 2016

'The Gypsy's Kiss,' by Jill McDonald. Pub.  R.J. Vickery. USA 2017. Also with Prairie Rose Publications. USA. 2018





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