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As well as Arts and Crafts, I somehow find the time to write! I now have ten books out there!
I am extremely lucky to have two traditional publishers, one here and one in USA. It gets a bit confusing though, as I also have different author names for each of them!
I write Westerns for one (Yes, good, old-fashioned, shoot-em-up, Cowboys and Indians) For the other, I write Contemporary Romance, with a Supernatural twist, straight supernatural tales, and Romantic Westerns (Less shoot-em-up, and more Love!) Those of you with sharp eyes will notice there are two covers for the book, 'The Gypsy's Kiss'. This is because one American publisher took it on, then had to close down for personal reasons, so passed it all over to another publisher, who altered the cover. 
My latest book is one I have self-published.
It is a poetry book with a selection of poems on various themes, and is available now on Amazon.

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