Along with paintings, jewellery, and boxes, I make a few other small gifts to fill in the spaces on my craft fair tables. Bookmarks, lanterns in 2 sizes for led candles, keyrings/phonecharms, miniature mixed media canvases etc. This page is where I put anything which won't fit on the other pages.

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These are all little pillow boxes which are ideal to put small gifts in. They measure around 4 inches long when the ends are folded in, and the price each is £1.50. When you order you will receive one of my choice, unless you request a particular colour.


These pretty Lanterns are ideal Christmas decorations, (I can also make Halloween ones for you if required, or birthday, wedding, or any other special day you can think of!) Created from coated card they can be made in either size and a variety of colours, including silver and gold. They can have either closed-in sides with a decoration of your choice to make them into gift boxes, or open 'window' style sides with acetate, or a mixture of both. The small ones are around 4 inches high, the others around 7 inches. 

The small ones cost upwards from £1.50, the large ones upwards from £4.50, prices depend on style and amount of decoration used.

Here are some pretty little Pocket Angels, to bring your loved ones luck on their travels, as well as a selection of cute, all handmade, floral bookmarks with 3D embellishments, for the bookworm in your life. 

£1.00 for the bookmarks. £2.50 for the Angels.