For all the hearts and plaques, as well as most of the other items I create, almost all of the small details are made by myself, using moulds and air-hardening clay; including many of the letters (so I am able to include almost any name or greeting you wish). I do also use a few purchased items on some of the works, but everything is hand-painted and designed by me.

These hearts are made of wood. The Artwork is mostly handcrafted by me from  paper-based modelling clay (including the tiny shells, flowers and cogs!)They will all have a hanging ribbon to suit the colours of the artwork.  Their size is approximately 8 1/2 inches by 9 inches. The price for the hearts is £12.99  


These door or wall plaques, are on wood and measure 9 inches wide by 3 inches, I can do them in a variety of colours or designs, just give me a call to discuss your requirements.

The price for these is £10.99


Below are some small canvas boards, A5 in size.
The background to the Family Tree is a lovely lilac splatter with a very shiny pearlescent effect, which unfortunately does not show up well in a photo. My apologies. They can be personalised. Any amount of hearts (within reason!  As long as they will all fit!) The same goes for the letters. The hearts and lettering can be in any colours. I think these would make really pretty Christmas, New Home, or even New Baby gifts. The Steampunk one is the same size. The price for these, unframed, is just

PB070160 (2).JPG

The following are just a few of the pictures I have created over the last few years, mostly in A4 size, and either done in watercolour or Coloured pencil. Copies will cost £5.00

P2040024 (1).JPG.jpg
P2040035 (1).JPG.jpg


P2040020 (1).JPG.jpg
P2040032 (1).JPG.jpg


As well as Arts and Crafts, I have sometimes created much larger pieces! The picture below is a wall mural I created for a local Mexican takeaway. The owners wanted bright colours to give the feeling of the festivals, flora and fauna of Mexico, and the heat, along with some of the traditional patterns of the area. They were very pleased with this design.

Andreas Mural.jpg